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Unchaining Mongkoln, The Baby Bull Elephant Who Brought Together 5 Organizations

Here’s a story of a mission to rescue Mongkoln the baby bull elephant, a 7-year-old whose story captured not only our hearts but brought six organizations together as one. It all began on May 1st, at the crack of dawn, as we geared up to rescue Mongkoln and rewrite his heartbreaking story, relocating him to his new sanctuary—a place of hope and freedom. What unfolds over the next 48 hours is nothing short of magical—a tale of teamwork, determination, and lots of elephant cuddles! From tugging on ropes with gusto to finding his tribe, Mongkoln’s adventure is one for the books. So, grab your popcorn and join us as we tell the story of our heartwarming journey with this little guy, guaranteed to leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Unchaining mongkoln the baby bull elephant at following giants - unchained elephants

A Unified Force for Elephant Welfare: Mongkoln's Rescue Sparked a Global Movement

Mongkoln, the baby bull elephant, has shown us the incredible impact we can achieve when we unite for a common good. Mongkoln brought together six remarkable organizations, forming a powerful coalition for change. Aaron from Planting Peace, Paul from Poop Bags, Shane, Unchained Elephants, the team at Following Giants, and Erik & Sierra from Humanimal Pictures all combined our expertise and passion for this mission. This collaboration highlights the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together with a shared purpose. Our collective effort didn’t just ensure Mongkoln’s safe relocation but also harnessed his story to spark a global movement for elephant welfare. This inspiring journey, which began on May 3rd, showcases the power of collaboration and the incredible impact we can achieve when we come together for a common cause. And let’s not forget all the amazing supporters who have stood by us, making every step of this mission possible.

A Rush of Determination: Mongkoln's Journey to An Unchained Life

It was May 1st at precisely 00:05 when preparations began to get Mongkoln, the baby bull elephant, onto the truck. What stood out the most was that Mongkoln pulled a blue rope, which was to be his “leash” for the journey, with such speed that it seemed like he was helping his owner to get him out faster. As soon as the leash was attached, he walked straight onto the truck in what felt like 10 minutes—the fastest we have ever experienced. Straight on with no fuss. In fact, they had to slow him down to perform a ceremony for a safe trip.

However, as soon as they started securing him to the truck, Mongkoln was not happy. And it’s completely understandable. From there on out, he became more and more stressed. The food we had originally bought him finished within a 6-hour period, and we had to grab him snacks and a second round of food to fill up the truck for the rest of the trip.

When we got to the “drop off” area at Following Giants, the entire team was there waiting to welcome him. It was amazing to see how so many organizations came together to make this rescue mission happen and to ensure it was as smooth as possible.

A Rescue Journey of Endurance: Mongkoln's Road to Sanctuary

Mongkoln’s trip was a really long one. He was very stressed, which is understandable. We had to fill up the truck twice with food, as he ate everything we bought during the first round, plus the snacks we gave him along the pitstops. We found out that he loves apples! The entire trip took 15 hours and a few minutes.

As soon as we got close to the sanctuary area, there was a team member waiting to take us to the actual “drop off” area. As we drove in, we saw a really handsome, huge bull elephant and three female elephants. The three girls immediately got curious as soon as the truck passed by. They started walking towards us and the truck to see who had arrived. They actually followed the van in and went straight to smell him.

Rescuing baby elephant, mongkoln - unchained elephants
Unchained elephant third elephant rescue - mongkoln the baby bull elephant
Mongkoln The Baby Bull Elephant Meets THong Aek The bull elephant at following giants - unchained elephants

An Introduction to An Unchained Life At Following Giants Krabi

Once we arrived, Mongkoln had to stay on the truck for a bit longer as he was very stressed. Khun Ray, Founder of Following Giants, immediately went over to give him water, shower him, give him sugar, and slowly make acquaintance with him. Once he calmed down, they prepped to offload him, and he went to the buffet and gobbled it all up pretty much immediately. He also had a pool of clean water to drink, but he ended up just turning it upside down and made a load of mud to play with. He did not wait to spray that all over his body. He also got a blood test to check how he is doing.

The herd came over to greet him, sending a “representative” to check him out. Her name is Boon Young. As soon as they touched trunks, she went back to the other two ladies, and we were told that this meant she was telling them he is okay and she accepts him into the herd. So, the rest would welcome him as well. It was incredible.

Unchaining Mongkoln The Baby Bull Elephant

And then the best part was unchaining him. The moment the chains came off his feet, we knew his story would never be the same again. It will be one of healing, love, delicious food, and a herd to call family. An unchained life that he rightly deserves for hopefully 70+ years.

Today, he got to meet the herd and roam around the area. He found a new nanny, Dao Ruang, who is one of the newest elephants at Following Giants. Ever since then, he has been in close proximity to her always.

And that is a wrap of our 48-hour overview.

Mongkoln's Rescue is Just the Beginning: A Story to Inspire Global Change!

Mongkoln’s rescue is just the beginning. We believe that his story is one that will inspire the world towards positive change for elephant welfare. His journey from a life in chains to one of freedom, love, and care serves as a powerful testament to what can be achieved when compassionate individuals and organizations come together. We hope his transformation will raise awareness and motivate others to take action in protecting and improving the lives of elephants everywhere. With several missions combined as one in the pipeline, our aim is to make a positive global impact on elephant welfare—one that educates, inspires, and empowers.

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