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Kanoon’s Suffering – An Urgency For Rescue

Kanun, a 45-50-year-old male elephant in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, is suffering greatly. He spends his days and nights chained up, deprived of food and with only one functioning eye. Unable to be cared for by his owner, Kanun faces a difficult choice: being sold into the logging industry or finding a way to be saved. The decision was clear, and action was necessary.

Kanun’s situation is urgent as he relies on a compassionate banana plantation owner for sustenance. Left to fend for himself, he struggles without proper care or nourishment. Constantly chained, he endures harsh weather without essential provisions. Kanun’s story sheds light on the broader problem of abandoned male elephants in Thailand, who suffer without support or resources.

After our discussions, we have connected with an elephant expert who lives and works at a Sanctuary in Chiang Mai and she is in discussion with a place that can accept and provide a loving home for Kanun once we successfully rescue him. The sanctuary is a renowned sanctuary dedicated to the well-being and conservation of elephants in Thailand. With a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, the sanctuary offers a safe haven where rescued elephants can roam freely in a natural habitat. They provide expert care, veterinary support, and a nurturing environment that promotes the physical and emotional healing of these magnificent creatures. Kanun’s journey to the sanctuary will ensure that he receives the love, care, and respect he deserves as he embarks on a new chapter in his life.

Rescuing Kanoon - Unchained Elephants NFT project with a mission to unchain this bull elephant
Rescuing Kanoon - Unchained Elephants NFT project with a mission to unchain this bull elephant

‍Join The Rescue Mission For Kanoon – Your Contribution Matters

We are raising $25,760 USD (850,000 baht) to rescue Kanun and bring him to the sanctuary in Thailand, having said that, male elephants need special enclosures so before accepting him, they need to complete the infrastructure for him, where he can be unchained and receive the care he deserves. Your contribution brings us closer to achieving Kanun’s permanent freedom and providing him with the compassion and security he needs. With your support, we can transform Kanun’s life and make a positive impact for many other elephants. Join us in making a difference for Kanun and providing him with the care and sanctuary he deserves.

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