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Kanoon you’ll forever be an inspiration & our driving force for elephant welfare.
On the 12th of November 2023, we woke up to shocking news that left us wandering around in disbelief. It is with pain that we share the tough news of Kanoon, the bull elephant we rescued three months ago, passing away. We are waiting for the vet’s results for the exact cause, as his leg and tongue swelled last night.
Kanoon, our first elephant rescue, served as a beacon for all elephants suffering in the tourism industry. He left an indelible mark on all our hearts. And even though our time with Kanoon was tragically short, we choose to remember the positive impact, the inspiration, the hope he has given us during those three months. From rescuing him from the garbage dump to welcoming him to his bufbaconfet, showing us his relief… to the moment we took his chains off. The moments of joy, signs of improved well-being, and the love shared with Kanoon will be etched in our memories forever. Kanoon was, is and will continue to be the reason we push forward every day.

To all the incredible Unchainers (our rescuers and supporters), we are forever grateful for giving Kanoon the chance to live his remaining three months in freedom, as an elephant should, with love, care, and a herd. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM us, email us, or chat with us.

Instead of being discouraged and halting our efforts, we WILL continue to educate travelers, rescue Kham Phaeng (faster than ever before), and work towards launching an educational program for local elephant owners to change their ways, to honor Kanoon. This will be a lasting tribute to the impact he had on our lives and, we’re certain, on the lives of all of you, Kanoon’s Unchainers (rescuers).

Thank you so much for standing behind us. Your continued support means the world to us.

Vicki, Daniel, Susan, Imogen, Damien & The Unchained Elephants Team.

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I’m so very very sorry Kanoon passed away just when he was free. But he will have had the best life since being set free. Thank you for giving him the chance to enjoy his few months of freedom….

Hi Elaine, Thank you so much, truly. It was our pleasure and honour. We would not have it any other way.

Karin Stullenbarger

At Least he got to live out what time he did have left knowing he was cared about and living a life of peace and comfort as he should. You guys did good. Bless you.

Hi Karin, thank you so much, this means the world to us. It was not an easy news to receive. But he did get to know what freedom is…and he will forever be our inspiration and guiding light.

He looked like he was so happy at the sanctuary. I’m sorry he didn’t have a longer time here, but he so enjoyed the time he had. Thank you for giving him that.

Unchained Elephants

Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for writing to us, this means a lot to us ^_^ He really was, and it was incredible to witness. Thank you for your sweet words it means the world to us.

This is great. I am so sad of Kanoom’s passing. It is with deep empathy desire and fulfillment of life and love, THAT I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU GUYS. I Am overwhelmed with a variety of feelings in my heart right now (& close to tears in my eyes). Jumping news stories on firestick tv, i ran across your schtick.
Bless him, Kanoon. Bless your work. People can be so cruel. Not only did they destroy Kanoon, but they’re probably destroying the forest as well. M’ glad you are half thai / finnish’ or you we probably would never have been aware of this. Please keep vindictive humans people…..away from the sanctuary. I’m SO TOUCHED AND SAD BY KANOON’S STORY & LEGACY. i am in love with you guys & kanoon. The country would probably make more money if the elephants roamed away from the city and logging…..in natural habitat. Then the world would go to THAILAND For the Elephants……& NOT FOR SHOPPING. no elephants for logging and destruction,,,,forests jungles grow, that’s good for elephants and wildlife…..COME ON THAILAND, LET’S TURN THIS AROUND!!!LOVE YOU, BYE

Unchained Elephants

Thank you so so much for leaving us this message, it means a lot to us. It definitely was not an easy time for us, as Kanoon was our first elephant rescue, and was the most gentle bull elephant we have encountered so far. So he really did stole a piece of heart (all of the team here). Absolutely that is the aim is to turn this around, and let Thailand be the forefront of change for elephant welfare. We will do our best. 
Best wishes,

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