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We are excited to announce a significant step forward in our mission at Unchained Elephants: For A Baby Bull Elephant, who has captured the hearts of many, will be relocated to an ethical sanctuary that promises a brighter future for him. Thanks to our collaboration with esteemed elephant expert, Cristina Palacio, and the dedicated team at Following Giants, he will soon thrive in a nurturing and protected environment.


Located in the southern region of Thailand, Following Giants has transformed from a traditional elephant riding and logging camp into a sanctuary that prioritize ethical elephant tourism. Following Giants Elephant Sanctuary is founded by Khun Ray, a local Thai, who has passionately integrated educational programs on mahout culture and elephant behavior. In 2017, a pivotal partnership with World Animal Protection helped transition the facility towards a completely elephant-friendly business model. This significant shift ended the exploitation of elephants for riding and logging, pivoting to focus on sustainable tourism and welfare practices.

Today, Following Giants not only provides a safe, natural habitat for elephants but also plays a crucial role in conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting the local forest ecosystem. The sanctuary functions as an educational center, where visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the vital relationships between mahouts and elephants and participate in Khun Ray’s mission to protect the area’s natural heritage. The recent expansion to a second branch in Krabi underscores their ongoing commitment to enhancing elephant welfare and promoting environmental conservation.

A New Home For The 7-Year Old Baby Bull Elephant

Following Giants has graciously opened their arms to provide this baby bull elephant with his forever home, ensuring he will live in an environment that respects his natural behaviors and provides the care he desperately needs. At this sanctuary, he will join 4 other elephants, each afforded the opportunity to roam freely, socialize, and recover from past traumas on a sprawling 65-acre plot.

Located in Krabi, the Elephant Sanctuary offers visitors the chance to interact with these incredible creatures up close. Guests can witness their playful interactions, observe them as they graze in lush greenery, or watch them bathe in natural pools. The sanctuary’s knowledgeable and experienced staff guide visitors through the expansive grounds, sharing fascinating insights about the elephants’ behaviors, their natural habitats, and the extensive conservation efforts being undertaken to protect them. They are committed to providing an educational experience that deepens understanding and appreciation for these majestic creatures. Enhancing the bond between humans and elephants while underscoring the importance of conservation.

Education and Conservation at Following Giants

This sanctuary not only enhances the well-being of elephants like this baby bull elephant but also serves as a vital educational center. Following Giants provides crucial insights into sustainable practices that are essential for the welfare of elephants, whether in captivity or in the wild. As a key player in promoting ethical wildlife tourism, the sanctuary educates visitors and supporters on responsible interactions with elephants. Such efforts are instrumental in reshaping elephant tourism worldwide, reinforcing the sanctuary’s commitment to the ethical treatment of elephants.

The Future Looks Bright For A Baby Elephant

With this move, his story will transition from one of hardship to hope. We believe that his relocation to Following Giants will serve as a beacon for the possibilities of what ethical sanctuaries can achieve. This step is crucial in our ongoing efforts to not only improve the welfare of individual elephants like him but also to educate the public about the importance of supporting sanctuaries that prioritize the well-being and conservation of these majestic creatures.

‍By choosing to support ethical sanctuaries and learning about the impacts of our choices, we can all contribute to a more humane and sustainable future for elephants.

Join us on this mission to rewrite this baby elephant’s story and help us spread the word about the critical work being done at Following Giants.

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