Unchain The Elephants


Join Us in Making a Difference – We’ve made incredible strides with the rescue of three elephants, Kanoon, Kham Phaeng, and Mongkoln, but our mission isn’t over. By pre-purchasing one of our 4,444 premier tickets, you directly contribute to these vital missions.

  1. Docuseries Pilot: Produce a compelling pilot episode to raise awareness and inspire global action for elephant welfare.
  2. 4th Elephant Rescue: Act swiftly to rescue an elephant in need and prevent them from entering harmful industries.
  3. Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Platform: Launch the Unchained Sanctuaries platform to promote responsible tourism and support ethical sanctuaries.

Together, let’s unchain the elephants and create a brighter future! 🐘✨ For MORE DETAILS SEE BELOW

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Join Our Crowdfunding Campaign to Unchain Elephants!

We’ve achieved significant milestones with the rescue of three elephants, Kanoon, Kham Phaeng & Mongkoln, but our mission continues.

This time, we’re dedicated to making a broader impact on elephant welfare across Thailand. That’s why we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of selling 2,200 premier tickets to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Pilot Episode for the Docuseries – $35,000 USD
    Develop and produce a pilot episode showcasing powerful elephant rescue stories. This series aims to attract funding and support for broader conservation efforts and ethical tourism in Asia. Our docuseries serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness about the plight of elephants in captivity. By showcasing their rescue journeys and highlighting the challenges they face, we aim to inspire global empathy and action. Each episode not only educates viewers but also mobilizes support for ethical elephant sanctuaries and conservation efforts worldwide. Together, through storytelling and advocacy, we can make a lasting impact on elephant welfare.
  2. Rescue An Elephant in Need – $30,000 – $45,000 USD per elephant
    We’re gearing up for our 4th elephant rescue, and our goal is clear: to act swiftly and rescue elephants at the moment they need us most. In the past, delays have posed a significant risk, potentially drawing elephants into harmful industries like logging while we raised funds over 30-45 days. We’ve been fortunate with our last 3 rescues, but this time, we are determined to prevent such scenarios by ensuring immediate action.
    Currently, we are finalizing which elephant case to take on and will update you as soon as this decision is made. Your contribution will fund our fourth elephant rescue mission, enabling us to swiftly intervene and protect these majestic creatures from entering harmful industries. Join us in rescuing an elephant.
  3. Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Platform – $4,000 USD
    Develop and launch the Unchained Sanctuaries platform, which will connect travelers with ethical elephant sanctuaries and promote responsible tourism across Asia. This platform aims to provide sustainable business opportunities for all ethical sanctuaries, ensuring they can maintain themselves and continue their vital conservation work.

By pre-purchasing one of our 4,444 premier tickets, you’re not only securing your spot for the docuseries but also directly contributing to these critical missions. Your support will fund our fourth elephant rescue mission, ensuring swift action to prevent elephants from entering harmful industries like logging while we gather necessary funds. Together, let’s make a lasting difference in elephant welfare and rewrite their story for a brighter future! Let’s Unchain The Elephants Campaign.

How You Can Help:

  1. Pre-purchase Your Premiere Ticket: Secure your spot for the pilot episode and contribute to its production costs.
  2. Spread the Word: Share our campaign with your network to amplify our impact.

Why a Pilot Episode For The ‘Unchained’ Docuseries?

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to unchain elephants and provide them with the freedom and ethical treatment they deserve. We are excited to announce the creation of a pilot episode for the “Unchained” docuseries, a groundbreaking series dedicated to rescuing elephants and raising global awareness about their plight.

The pilot episode is our launchpad, giving us the opportunity to showcase the incredible stories, powerful messages, and inspiring moments that the full docuseries will offer. It serves as a compelling introduction to potential distributors and viewers, demonstrating the essence and potential of our project. Additionally, it allows us to gauge audience interest and gather valuable feedback, ensuring the series meets the highest standards of storytelling and impact.

Our Ambitious Goal:

We aim to broadcast “Unchained” on major networks like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime to reach a global audience and drive meaningful change in elephant conservation.

After creating the pilot episode and successfully pitching it to distributors, we will secure distribution deals and funding for the full series. With your support, we can produce episodes that educate, inspire, and empower audiences worldwide, creating a brighter future for these magnificent creatures.

For Businesses, Brands, and Organizations:

We invite businesses, brands, and organizations to support us through sponsorship packages and product inclusion opportunities. Your involvement will not only help cover production costs but also elevate your brand’s visibility and commitment to social responsibility.


Let’s Rewrite Their Story Together:

Join our journey to unchain elephants and rewrite their story for a brighter, more compassionate future. Together, we can make a global positive impact and ensure these gentle giants receive the freedom and respect they deserve.

Support Unchained Elephants’ Mission Today! 🐘✨ Let’s do this!