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HUGE! We’ve officially locked in the date for Kham Phaeng’s rescue and relocation—mark your calendars for December 12th, 2023!


Please note that the above when entering the amount it is in Thai Baht

3,500US $ 100
4,400GBP  £ 100
2,200AUS $ 100
3,800EURO 100


YOUR KINDNESS REWARDED: Exclusive Benefits for Our Rescuers

🐘 FOR ALL RESCUERS: You’ll receive a 3-year membership to our exclusive travel club,, through our (Digital Art / NFT). Additionally, you’ll obtain a certificate as proof of your support for the rescue mission. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on tickets to Somboon, our partner sanctuary, which not only benefits you but also contributes to elephant welfare.

💚 US$ 172 | 6,000 baht: 1 ticket to visit Kham Phaeng at Somboon Legacy Foundation

🐘 US$ 286 | 10,000 baht: 2 tickets to visit Kham Phaeng at Somboon Legacy Foundation

Join The Rescue Mission: Breaking the Chains of Kham Phaeng’s Lifetime Suffering

Join us on Kham Phaeng’s incredible journey to freedom by supporting her rescue. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds directly go to rescuing Kham Phaeng and providing essential care for her. Select any amount you wish to donate and be a crucial part of this remarkable journey. Every contribution makes a difference in Kham Phaeng’s life and the lives of elephants like her. Together, let’s continue to make a positive impact. Donate now and help us create a brighter future for Kham Phaeng.

For more videos on Kham Phaeng’s situation and updates visit:


Chained & Starved – The Life Of A Trekking Elephant – Kham Phaeng

Kham Phaeng, a 54-year-old female elephant, has endured a lifetime of hardship and suffering. She’s been cruelly chained with heavy, very short chains on both her front and back feet and subjected to starvation. Her agony is immeasurable. Years of strenuous labor in the tourism industry have taken a toll on her, leaving her without teeth, and she suffers from leg and foot problems. To compound her suffering, she’s blind in one eye, her right eye.

Her grim fate seemed sealed as she faced the prospect of being sent back to Buriram in Esan, joining the ranks of elephants forced to beg for food. What makes her story even more heart-wrenching is the constant struggle she faces when eating due to her lack of teeth. Her legs are worn and painful, and her feet bear the weight of debilitating issues. Her agony is evident in her constant swaying back and forth.

Securing Kham Phaeng’s Freedom By Breaking Boundaries and Innovating For Impact

In a collaborative effort, Unchained Elephants and the Somboon Legacy Foundation are urgently working to rescue Kham Phaeng and offer her a chance at a better life. Her story is a stark reminder of the broader issue of mistreated elephants in Thailand’s tourism industry. Kham Phaeng’s suffering underscores the desperate need for compassionate care for these majestic beings. Travelers must play a crucial role in stopping the demand for such suffering.

Unchained Elephants is again in full swing, spearheading a remarkable fundraising campaign to rescue Kham Phaeng through their forward-thinking digital art (NFT) project. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or even have crypto to get involved. This audacious endeavor aims to secure Kham Phaeng’s freedom and provide her with essential care, with a target of $28,286 USD (990,000 baht) to be raised. As a catalyst for change, Unchained Elephants offers an opportunity to make a tangible difference by acquiring one of the first 900 digital art pieces. 100% of the funds raised directly contribute to Kham Phaeng’s urgent rescue mission and provide a comprehensive care package that includes vital medical check-ups and nourishment. This vital initiative will ensure she receives the care, freedom, and security she deserves.

Rescue efforts have never been more critical as we strive to rewrite the narrative for elephants like her, granting them a life free from chains, malnourishment, and despair. Together, we have the power to reshape Kham Phaeng’s future, granting her the life she rightfully deserves, just as we did for Kanoon. Join us in making a significant difference in her life. 🐘💚 #UnchainKhamPhaeng

‍Relocating Kham Phaeng To An Ethical Elephant Sanctuary In Kanchanaburi -Thailand

Cristina Palacio, with her unwavering passion for elephant welfare, took the initiative to connect us with Manouk and Agnes from the Somboon Legacy Foundation. Their urgent need to introduce another elephant to their herd marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.

Somboon Legacy Foundation, an ethical sanctuary located in the breathtaking Kanchanaburi, is currently home to two elderly elephant ladies. Their mission is to provide a loving and compassionate haven for these majestic creatures especially elderly elephants. However, unforeseen challenges in the lives of elephants make it crucial to expand the sanctuary’s caring arms. The two elderly ladies at Somboon Legacy Foundation are in need of a companion, an addition to their tight-knit family, not only for their well-being but also to provide vital support should anything happen to one of them.

Welcoming another elephant to the Somboon Legacy Foundation is not just an act of kindness; it’s a lifeline that exemplifies the sanctuary’s commitment to the welfare of these incredible beings, offering them the safety and care they rightfully deserve. As the legacy of Somboon continues to flourish, the inclusion of new members reinforces their dedication to ethical elephant conservation and protection.

This was when we connected with each other and joined hands to rescue Kham Phaeng. Somboon Legacy Foundation has extended their open arms to welcome Kham Phaeng, ensuring the well-being of all the elephants in this compassionate legacy.

Unchained Elephants NFT art is a cause-driven project headquartered in Phuket, Thailand. Their mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of Asian elephants by educating travelers about the harsh truth behind many elephant tourism practices, rescuing elephants in need, and relocating them to an ethical elephant sanctuary, while also working to transition Thailand’s elephant tourism to a more responsible model. Unchained Elephants achieved a major milestone by successfully rescuing and relocating Kanoon to BLES, marking our first-ever elephant rescue and the world’s first tokenized elephant.


The project is led by Daniel Villota, an Ecuador-born entrepreneur who has been a resident of Thailand since 2009. Having developed a tender connection with animals from a very young age, he wanted to help them by leveraging his business and integrate it with cutting-edge technologies (NFTs) to make a positive impact. His passion drove him to create purposeful NFTs that support elephant welfare while indulging his enthusiasm for business development and groundbreaking technologies.

During the pandemic, Daniel faced significant challenges as the digital marketing agency he founded,E-Media Asia, lost 95% of its clients. However, he adapted and seized the emerging opportunities in cryptocurrency. He successfully managed a small hedge fund for friends and families, enabling him to navigate the difficult times and ultimately venture into the world of cryptocurrencies.


Collaborating with Daniel is Susan Borvornpotsakul, known for her exceptional organizational skills and her involvement in various ventures, including growing businesses like Coffee Culture Thailand. They co-founded and operated a digital marketing agency, E-Media Asia, based in Phuket for over 13 years. Through their agency, they provided marketing services, leveraging digital platforms and strategies to help businesses thrive in the competitive landscape. Together, they bring their expertise to Unchained Elephants, operating from their base in Phuket.


Vicki Kiely, an animal rights activist with years of experience in animal protection, plays an integral role in Unchained Elephants. She brings her passion for elephants and expertise in animal rights activism to create awareness and work closely with these magnificent creatures. Vicki also owns VK Performers Studios, a performance school in Phuket, where she empowers individuals to explore their creative talents. Her unique combination of experiences contributes to the project’s mission of raising awareness and advocating for elephant welfare.

With their collective experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and animal rights activism, the team behind Unchained Elephants combines their passion, expertise, and direct connection to the local community in Phuket to protect and support elephants, while driving positive change in Thailand’s elephant conservation efforts.

Unchained Elephants not only focuses on their cause but also provides long-term benefits to NFT holders. Through sponsorship of the rescued elephants, exclusive access to a travel club with Phuket perks, certificates of adoption, close encounters at sanctuaries, curated tourist guides, whitelisting for future drops, and merchandise discounts, they offer unique privileges to their supporters.

Please feel free to contribute via any of your preferred method if you simply add the amount to the above you will also be able to contribute with the following formats. But for those of you who prefer to do manually via email, call or whatsapp please feel free to get in touch with us. We accept donations for Kham Phaeng’s rescue via the following methods:

1, Credit Card / Debit Card

2. Bank Transfer – Please transfer to the following back detail below. Upon successful transfer please do send your bank transfer slip to

BANK: Kasikorn Bank
ACCOUNT NAME: Discovering Phuket
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1458517742

3. Checks – Please send a check to Discovering Phuket Co.,Ltd.,, 259/5 M.5 Bangtao Soi 1, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

4. Crypto Donations To Our Address

– BITCOIN:  bc1qe4v4m25nj9why2mn83uygy04daud8s9ea3jm89

– ETHEREUM:  0xFf01e0B3070610fA1fFfca4D185F19d7452204f5

5. Coinbase which accepts