Crowdfunding To Unchain A Baby Elephant & Creating A DocuSeries

by Susan Villota

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Campaign Story

The total funding of $42,744 USD needed for our initiatives will enable us not only to rescue & unchain a baby bull elephant but also to raise global awareness about the critical issues facing elephants in Thailand. Through compelling storytelling and on-ground documentary series, “UNCHAINED” educates and inspires action. Your support will directly contribute to these vital efforts.

A Baby Bull Elephant’s Rescue and Relocation

Part of the funds raised will cover the complete process of securing this baby elephant’s freedom, including costs associated with the rescue team, logistics for transporting the baby elephant to Following Giants, necessary paperwork, and other related expenses.

“Unchained” DocuSeries

Part of the funds raised will be dedicated to developing the pilot episode of our groundbreaking docuseries, “Unchained.” This episode aims to educate and inspire viewers to choose ethical tourism and support compassionate treatment for these majestic creatures, making a lasting impact on the future of elephant conservation.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can transform the lives of these incredible animals and pave the way for a more ethical future in elephant tourism.

LET’S Rewrite A Baby Bull Elephant’s Future

Meet this baby bull elephant, a 7-year-old bull elephant whose early years were marked by separation and hardship. Originally from Phang Nga, his journey took a distressing turn when he was forcibly taken from his mother and endured a grueling trip to Udonthani for labor.

We see his story as a crucial opportunity not just to rewrite his story, but also to highlight the broader issue faced by many elephants. Our mission extends beyond the rescue of a single elephant; it encompasses educating the public and raising awareness about the significant challenges that these majestic creatures endure throughout their lives. Through this effort, we aim to inspire a shift towards more ethical interactions with elephants in tourism.

Join us and PLANTING PEACE in this rescue mission as we work not only to unchain this baby bull elephant but also to advocate for the well-being of elephants everywhere. Let’s turn awareness into action and ensure a compassionate future for elephants, reuniting families and ending the cycle of exploitation.

Unchaining A BABY ELEPHANT: A Chance to Rewrite His Story and Make A Positive Impact

Meet this baby bull elephant, a 7-year-old baby boy. His current life, at just seven years old, is tough to comprehend. He is not only physically bound, but he also carries an unseen weight—the weight of his story, a story that holds a sadness deeper than words can express, enough to stir even the hardest hearts.

His story began in an elephant camp in Phang Nga, his birthplace. He and his mother were moved to Hua Hin, but his life took a dramatic turn. Much like in the fairytale of Dumbo, his mother was separated from him and snatched away, leaving him behind in a truck, miles away from where he should be.

The journey didn’t stop there. On the road to Surin, his attempt to break free left him with a painful leg wound from those chains. And it didn’t end there. For a month, he endured what is like a phajaan process, where he was starved and trained to do tricks. He found a friend who became his nanny, a female elephant from Pattaya, and they hit the streets for food. Life’s challenges kept coming. Sold into agriculture in Udonthani, his days turned into hard labor.

Today, he spends his days at a tourist attraction, a reality that will soon shift as he comes of age. He is poised to enter the next phase of his life, where he will be used as a trekking elephant. Our mission together with PLANTING PEACE is to rewrite this baby elephant’s story. We aim to unchain him from this cycle and provide him with a life that respects his natural behaviors in a sanctuary environment, away from the pressures and demands of performance and labor.

We invite everyone to join us on this mission, help us spread the word, and choose ethical travel experiences. Together, we can ensure that the stories of elephants like thi s baby bull elephant evolve from tales of hardship to narratives of hope and freedom. Let’s work together to protect these gentle giants and create a sustainable future where elephants are valued not for their labor, but for their inherent majesty and dignity. Together, we have the power to rewrite his future and provide him with the life he truly deserves. Join us in this mission and let’s ensure that his story transforms from one of sorrow to one of hope and healing.

Join Our NFT and Crowdfunding Campaign to Rescue A Baby Bull Elephant

Unchained Elephants is gearing up for another pivotal rescue mission in collaborations with PLANTING PEACE, and we’re turning to the innovative tools that have fueled our past successes: NFTs and crowdfunding. This time, our focus is on securing the freedom of this baby bull elephant, whose early years have been anything but gentle.

By participating in our NFT sale and crowdfunding efforts, you’re not just helping us meet our financial goal; you’re actively contributing to a broader movement aimed at transforming the elephant tourism industry in Thailand. Each contribution brings this baby elephant one step closer to freedom. Your support not only helps unchain this baby bull elephant, but also casts a spotlight on the plight of countless other elephants enduring similar fates. Together, we can make a lasting impact and change their stories for the better.

‍Relocating A YOUNG BULL ELEPHANT To An Ethical Elephant Sanctuary In Krabi, Thailand

We are thrilled to announce that, thanks to our esteemed elephant expert partner once again, Cristina Palacio. Following Giants has agreed to welcome this baby bull elephant into their sanctuary, offering a promising future for this young elephant.

About Following Giants – Ethical Elephant Sanctuary In Krabi

Following Giants, located in southern Thailand, has evolved from a traditional elephant riding and logging camp into a sanctuary dedicated to ethical elephant tourism. Established by Ray, who initially integrated educational programs on mahout culture and elephant behavior, the sanctuary shifted towards a completely elephant-friendly business model in 2017 after partnering with World Animal Protection. This transition ended the elephants’ roles in riding and logging, focusing instead on sustainable tourism and welfare practices. Today, Following Giants not only offers a safe, natural habitat for elephants but also promotes conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting the local forest ecosystem. This sanctuary serves as an educational center where visitors can learn about the vital relationships between mahouts and elephants, and participate in Ray’s mission to protect the area’s natural heritage. The recent expansion to Krabi with a second branch highlights their ongoing commitment to improving elephant welfare and environmental conservation.

We are confident that this baby bull elephant will thrive in his new environment. This move is a critical step in our ongoing effort to improve elephant welfare and educate the public about the importance of ethical sanctuaries.

Join us on a transformative journey with “UNCHAINED,” an investigative documentary series presented by Humanimal Pictures and Unchained Elephants.

Why “UNCHAINED”? Through compelling storytelling and on-ground investigations, “UNCHAINED” educates and inspires action. We delve into the lives of these majestic creatures across Thailand’s diverse landscapes—from the hustle of Bangkok to the tranquil sanctuaries in Chiang Mai and Phuket—showcasing how every decision made by tourists either perpetuates a harmful industry or contributes to the transformation towards ethical, compassionate treatment of elephants.

Pilot Episode: The Story Begins The pilot episode introduces viewers to the contrasting realities of elephant tourism and the poignant story of Kanoon and Kham Phaeng, elephants rescued from dire conditions by Unchained Elephants. As we prepare this episode for pitches to major distributors like Netflix, our goal is to ignite a global conversation about the ethical treatment of elephants and promote sustainable tourism practices.

Be Part of the Change By supporting “UNCHAINED,” you’re not just watching a documentary—you’re joining a movement dedicated to the welfare and preservation of elephants. This series is more than a collection of stories; it’s a call to action, urging viewers to recognize the impact of their tourism choices and advocating for a future where elephants roam free and respected. Let’s rewrite their story together.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership and collaboration with Planting Peace for this 7 year old baby bull elephant rescue—a significant step forward in our conservation efforts. Unchained Elephants is now working alongside Planting Peace, a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to environmental stewardship, human rights, and animal welfare. Together, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of elephants and the broader environment.

Please feel free to contribute via any of your preferred method if you simply add the amount to the above you will also be able to contribute with the following formats. But for those of you who prefer to do manually via email or call please feel free to get in touch with us. We accept contributions for this campaign via the following methods:

1. Credit Card / Debit Card

2. Bank Transfer – Please transfer to the following back detail below. Upon successful transfer please do send your bank transfer slip to

BANK: Kasikorn Bank
ACCOUNT NAME: Discovering Phuket
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1458517742

3. Crypto Funds To Our Address

– BITCOIN:  bc1qe4v4m25nj9why2mn83uygy04daud8s9ea3jm89

– ETHEREUM:  0xFf01e0B3070610fA1fFfca4D185F19d7452204f5


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A Postcard Of The Unchained Elephant At His New Home

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I Unchained The Elephant Mug (Exclusive Of Shipping Fees)

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