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Today marks a major milestone for Unchained Elephants as we launch our most ambitious campaign yet! At its heart is the rescue of a baby bull elephant, whose early years were marked by separation and hardship. Originally from Phang Nga, his journey took a distressing turn when he was forcibly taken from his mother and endured a grueling trip to Udonthani for labor, all in collaboration with PLANTING PEACE. This campaign not only seeks to rescue Mongkoln but also supports “UNCHAINED,” our docuseries that sheds light on the significant challenges faced by elephants in captivity. Join our global effort to promote elephant welfare and ethical tourism. By contributing, you will help rewrite this baby elephant’s story, providing him with the nurturing future he deserves and gain access to exclusive rewards. Read on to learn how you can make a real difference in elephant conservation through this transformative mission.

Unchaining A Baby Elephant: A Chance to Rewrite His Story

This baby elephant is a 7-year-old elephant in Bangkok, has faced significant hardships since he was forcibly separated from his mother at a young age in Phang Nga, his birthplace. His life story is marked by deep sadness and relentless challenges—from cruel separations reminiscent of the story of Dumbo, to painful injuries and demanding physical labor. Our mission, in partnership with Planting Peace, is to unchain Mongkoln from this grim cycle and offer him a life of freedom in an ethical elephant sanctuary that respects his natural behaviors, free from the hardships of forced entertainment and labor.

Shifting Towards Ethical Elephant Tourism

This campaign is not just about rescuing and unchaining a baby elephant. We see his story as a crucial opportunity not only to rewrite his narrative but also to highlight the broader issues faced by many elephants. Our mission extends beyond the rescue of a single elephant; it includes educating and raising awareness about the significant challenges these majestic creatures endure throughout their lives. This is also an opportunity to educate travelers about the impact of their choices. By choosing ethical tourism, travelers can help change the industry. Through this effort, we aim to inspire a shift toward more ethical interactions with elephants in tourism.

In collaboration with Planting Peace, we see a beacon of hope not only to rescue this baby elephant but also potentially & hopefully to reunite him with his mother, providing him the natural and nurturing environment every elephant deserves.

Join Us on a Transformative Journey with “UNCHAINED”

Alongside our rescue efforts, join us on a transformative journey with “UNCHAINED,” an investigative documentary series presented by Humanimal Pictures and Unchained Elephants.


Through compelling storytelling and on-ground investigations, “UNCHAINED” educates and inspires action. We delve into the lives of these majestic creatures across Thailand’s diverse landscapes—from the hustle of Bangkok to the tranquil sanctuaries in Chiang Mai and Phuket—showcasing how every decision made by tourists either perpetuates a harmful industry or contributes to the transformation towards ethical, compassionate treatment of elephants.

Be Part of the Change

By supporting “UNCHAINED,” you’re not just watching a documentary—you’re joining a movement dedicated to the welfare and preservation of elephants. This series is more than a collection of stories; it’s a call to action, urging viewers to recognize the impact of their tourism choices and advocating for a future where elephants roam free and respected. Let’s rewrite their story together.

Join Us in This Elephant Welfare Mission

Your support not only helps unchain a baby elephant but also casts a spotlight on the plight of countless other elephants enduring similar fates. Together, we can make a lasting impact and change their stories for the better. Join us in this crucial campaign to not only rescue a baby elephant but also educate, inspire, and foster lasting change in the world of elephant conservation.

Together, let’s make a significant impact and ensure that his story is one of hope and renewal. Join us in this crucial campaign, and let’s work together to unchain this baby elephant and many others in his plight.

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