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Unchained Elephants and Somboon Legacy Foundation Join Forces to Liberate Kham Phaeng: Breaking the Chains of a Lifetime of Suffering

We’re proud and excited to announce our collaboration with the Somboon Legacy Foundation in our second elephant rescue mission to unchain Kham Phaeng from the relentless suffering she is enduring.

Kham Phaeng, a 54-year-old female elephant, has been subjected to a life filled with unimaginable hardship. She has endured cruelty, heavy chains on both her front and back feet, and severe starvation. The brutal reality of her existence extends to her dental problems, leg and foot issues, and blindness in one eye, leaving her in constant agony. Kham Phaeng’s future appeared grim, facing the possibility of being sent back to Buriram in Esan, where she would have to join the ranks of other elephants forced to beg for food. Her inability to eat comfortably due to her lack of teeth, along with the relentless pain in her legs and feet, is evident in her constant swaying.

Rescuing Kham Phaeng: Unchained Elephants & Somboon Legacy Foundation's Mission

Unchained Elephants and the Somboon Legacy Foundation have come together to rescue Kham Phaeng and provide her with a chance at a better life. Kham Phaeng’s heartbreaking story sheds light on the wider problem of mistreated elephants in Thailand’s tourism industry, underscoring the urgent need for compassionate care and ethical treatment. Travelers play a crucial role in stopping the demand for such suffering. Together we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign supported by our innovative digital art (NFT) project, aimed at securing Kham Phaeng’s liberation. We are raising $28,286 USD (990,000 baht), which is required to rescue Kham Phaeng from her current location at the trekking camp in Pattaua and provide her with a new home at the ethical elephant sanctuary, Somboon Legacy Foundation, in Kanchanaburi. The fund will enable us to secure her freedom, facilitate her transportation and relocation to the Somboon Legacy Foundation, provide her with essential health check-ups, ongoing care, vital nutrients, and necessary medical supplies.

The rescue of Kham Phaeng represents a critical moment in the ongoing efforts to rewrite the narrative for elephants like her, granting them a life free from chains, malnourishment, and despair. Together, Unchained Elephants and the Somboon Legacy Foundation aim to reshape Kham Phaeng’s future, offering her the life she rightfully deserves, just as they did for Kanoon. Please join us on this elephant rescue mission to make a significant difference in Kham Phaeng’s life and the lives of countless elephants who deserve a brighter future.

Somboon Legacy Foundation: A Safe Haven For The Unwanted Female Elephants

Somboon Legacy Foundation, an ethical sanctuary located in the breathtaking Kanchanaburi, is currently home to two elderly elephant ladies. Their mission is to provide a loving and compassionate haven for these majestic creatures especially elderly elephants. However, unforeseen challenges in the lives of elephants make it crucial to expand the sanctuary’s caring arms. The two elderly ladies at Somboon Legacy Foundation are in need of a companion, an addition to their tight-knit family, not only for their well-being but also to provide vital support should anything happen to one of them.

Welcoming another elephant to the Somboon Legacy Foundation is not just an act of kindness; it’s a lifeline that exemplifies the sanctuary’s commitment to the welfare of these incredible beings, offering them the safety and care they rightfully deserve. As the legacy of Somboon continues to flourish, the inclusion of new members reinforces their dedication to ethical elephant conservation and protection. This was when we connected with each other and joined hands to rescue Kham Phaeng.

‍Somboon Legacy Foundation has extended their open arms to welcome Kham Phaeng, ensuring the well-being of all the elephants in this compassionate legacy.

Be A Part Of A Worthy Cause - Make A Difference For These Amazing Creatures Starting With Kham Phaeng

Join us on Kham Phaeng’s incredible journey to freedom by supporting her rescue. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign, ensuring that 100% of the proceeds directly go to rescuing Kham Phaeng and providing essential care for her. Select any amount you wish to donate and be a crucial part of this remarkable journey. Every contribution makes a difference in Kham Phaeng’s life and the lives of elephants like her. Together, let’s continue to make a positive impact. Donate now and help us create a brighter future for Kham Phaeng.

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