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A Mission To Rescue An Abandoned Bull Elephant In Thailand

It’s been 50 days since we embarked on this incredible journey to rescue Kanun from his situation up in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai. But today, we’re thrilled to share some amazing news that marks a significant milestone in our mission to rescue and relocate Kanun, the one-eyed bull elephant. And we couldn’t have achieved this without all of your incredible support. But before we dive into the exciting news, let’s take a step back and rewind a bit.

Rallying To Raise Funds For Kanun's Freedom Through Innovative Approaches

Kanun, an abandoned bull elephant, has endured four long years in chains in the sun or rain and often with little to no food. His story is a tragic one – a life spent in captivity, including the last two months chained up beside a garbage dump. The marks on his body, and his health condition, clearly show the suffering he has had to endure. Despite the fact that we knew he was a bull elephant, we went ahead and chose him as our first rescue mission, which turned out to be an extremely challenging mission.

Our goal was clear: we needed to raise 650,000 baht (negotiated down from 850,000 baht), which is equivalent to $19,118, to secure Kanun’s freedom, rescue him, and relocate him to a safe sanctuary. We did everything we could do to quickly rescue Kanun. From selling NFTs to the crypto community to launching sales with Supermojo to make it easier for those interested in NFTs (digital art) to join, the funds raised just weren’t fast enough. Eventually, we launched a crowdfunding campaign alongside our NFT sales because we were determined to rescue Kanun, no matter what! That’s the story in a nutshell.

A Fresh Start: Kanun's Soon To Be Forever Home

Pooling our resources, we partnered up with an elephant expert, Cristina Palacio, in our relentless quest to find a secure home for Kanun. Through Cristina Palacio, we were led to Katherine, the founder of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Today, August 12th, 2023, we can finally celebrate securing a home for Kanun! This achievement has been a really tough one, especially considering the unique challenges posed by a bull elephant. The incredible Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES), an ethical haven located in Sukhothai, has generously opened their arms to provide a forever home for Kanun! Within BLES, Kanun will be able to roam freely, interact with other Asian elephants, and rediscover the true meaning of life for an elephant. A place where he can just enjoy being an elephant.

Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary In Sukhothai Thailand

BLES, an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Sukhothai, is a safe haven for elephants saved from exploitation and abuse, offering them a secure and natural environment to live freely. Founded by Katherine Connor, this sanctuary stands as a labor of love and an unwavering commitment to elephant well-being. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) is a deeply compassionate and ethically driven refuge, dedicated to providing a secure haven for Thai elephants. They rescue and shield these magnificent creatures from abuse and potential extinction, allowing them to just be elephants. BLES also extends its support to local elephant owners, assisting them in caring for their animals, while simultaneously promoting education about elephants and their environment. Through their tireless endeavors, BLES not only safeguards the welfare of these majestic beings but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for their preservation.

Empowering Change: You Made Kanun's Rescue Possible

So here’s to each and every one of you who lent a helping hand, a compassionate heart, and unwavering support to make this day possible. Stay tuned for more updates, as we are confident we will soon complete the funds needed to rescue Kanun and relocate him to his new home at BLES. This is just the beginning of what Unchained Elephants and our NFT projects stand to do.

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