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Welcome to our FAQs page, where we address the most commonly asked questions about Unchained Elephants, categorizing them into key areas for your convenience. Explore the NFTs section to learn more about our unique tokenized collections, their significance, and how you can contribute to the cause through them. Get to know more about us or our cause, discover insights into our mission, the elephants we rescue, and the impact of your support. If you have additional questions or need further clarification, feel free to contact us. We’re here to keep you informed and engaged in our meaningful initiatives.


No, Unchained Elephants is not a non-profit organization. We operate as a social impact initiative with a unique approach. The utility of funds depends on specific campaigns, such as rescue missions, educational programs, and the development of elephant-friendly initiatives. Additionally, since our NFTs are tradable, you have the opportunity to sell them to someone else, contributing further to our ongoing initiatives. Your support directly fuels positive change for elephants in need.

Unchained Elephants is a transformative project dedicated to rescuing elephants from the harsh conditions of the entertainment industry and promoting responsible tourism in Thailand. Our mission involves creating lasting change through education, NFT initiatives, and on-the-ground rescue efforts.

Since our rebranding in March 2023, Unchained Elephants has successfully rescued two elephants in Thailand from dire conditions. In September 2023, we rescued Kanoon, a bull elephant, from a garbage dump (though he sadly passed away after three months in freedom). In December, we rescued Kham Phaneg, an elderly and almost toothless female elephant who was still being used for trekking in Pattaya. Both elephants endured harsh conditions, and these rescues mark the beginning of our impactful efforts to improve the welfare of elephants in Thailand.

The Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries (EES) platform is a comprehensive marketplace that empowers sanctuaries and ethical elephant-related establishments in Thailand. Serving as a centralized hub, it enables these venues to effectively promote their offerings and streamline the booking process for travelers. 

Through the EES platform, sanctuaries gain increased visibility and reach, showcasing their commitment to elephant welfare and responsible tourism practices. 

Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries Platform not only raises awareness but also makes it easy for travelers. Our platform provides a seamless booking experience, offering insights into each sanctuary’s mission and practices, allowing travelers to make secure reservations directly, and ensuring a meaningful and responsible elephant encounter.

By bridging the gap between ethical sanctuaries and eco-conscious travelers, the EES platform fosters a symbiotic relationship that prioritizes the well-being of elephants and promotes sustainable tourism practices in Thailand.

The educational program launched by Unchained Elephants will leverage the unique elephant characters of the 2nd NFT collection (coming soon), a kids-friendly version as engaging teaching tools. Through interactive storytelling content and activities, children will immerse themselves in an inspiring journey to learn about elephants, conservation, and the importance of responsible tourism. By incorporating the Unchained Elephant characters, the program aims to foster empathy, inspire action, and empower the next generation to become advocates for elephant welfare in Thailand and beyond.

As we gear up for our third elephant rescue mission, the success of our endeavor hinges on the sales of our NFTs. Securing funds for elephant rescues are crucial, considering the significant costs involved, with prices ranging from $20,000 to $80,000 per elephant due to their classification as assets. Currently, we’re evaluating two potential rescue cases, emphasizing the urgency and importance of our ongoing fundraising efforts through the sale of our NFTs.

The utilization of funds depends on the ongoing campaign. In general, Unchained Elephants allocates generated funds for various purposes, including developing an elephant-friendly venue platform, launching a kid-friendly educational program, facilitating the rescue of elephants, and laying the foundation for an Elephant Welfare Education Centre. Each campaign is carefully tailored to make a positive and lasting impact on elephant welfare.

The project was born in February 2022 under the name XRP Herd, initially focusing on addressing the immediate needs of elephants affected by the pandemic. In March 2023, we rebranded to Unchained Elephants to align with our expanded mission.

You can get involved by participating in our NFT collections, spreading awareness about responsible tourism, and buying Discovering Phuket’s exclusive travel membership. Follow us on social media for updates and consider purchasing Unchained Elephants merchandise from our store, where each purchase directly supports our cause.

We appreciate your interest! Currently, our rescued elephants are located at partner sanctuaries, and visits may be subject to their policies. For specific rescues, such as Kham Phaeng’s, contributors of certain amounts may receive free tickets to visit the rescued elephants at their new sanctuary.

Generally, yes you can visit them, tickets are available for visits.

Stay connected through our social media channels and newsletters for regular updates on the elephants and our initiatives. We value your support in making a positive impact on the lives of these majestic beings.

Since our rebranding in March 2023, we have successfully rescued elephants, including Kanoon and Kham Phaeng, providing them with a new life free from exploitation.

Absolutely! We are passionate about educating the younger generation about elephant welfare and ethical practices. Unchained Elephants offers engaging and informative presentations for schools, tailored to various age groups. Our educational programs aim to raise awareness about the challenges elephants face, promote responsible tourism, and inspire a sense of compassion towards these majestic beings. If you’re interested in having us visit your school or want more details about our educational initiatives, please reach out to d@unchainedelephants.com or call us at +66 76 608 850.

Whether you’re interested in hands-on rescue efforts, educational programs, or other initiatives, there are various ways to contribute. To explore volunteer opportunities and learn more about joining our team, please visit our Volunteer Page or contact us at [support@unchainedelephants.com]. We look forward to having you on board!

We appreciate your interest in partnering with us for a meaningful cause. At Unchained Elephants values collaborations with businesses that align with our mission. Whether you’re looking to sponsor an elephant rescue, organize joint events, or explore other collaborative ventures, we’re open to discussing possibilities. For business collaboration inquiries, please reach out to our partnership team at [support@unchainedelephants.com]. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on the lives of elephants!

We’re thrilled about your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for Unchained Elephants! Our brand ambassadors play a crucial role in spreading awareness and supporting our mission. If you’re passionate about elephant welfare and want to actively contribute, please contact us directly through our website or send us an email at [support@unchainedelephants.com]. We’ll provide you with more information on how you can join us in making a positive impact. We look forward to having you as part of our dedicated team!

Artists like you play a crucial role in raising awareness and supporting our mission for elephant welfare. As an artist, you have the opportunity to contribute your talents to Unchained Elephants—whether it’s designing merchandise, crafting unique NFT collections, or creating educational books, all aimed at raising awareness and supporting our mission for elephant welfare. To explore collaboration opportunities, please reach out to us directly through our website or send an email to [support@unchainedelephants.com]. We’re excited about the possibility of working together to create a positive impact for elephants in need. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Unchained Elephants utilizes NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as a creative and innovative way to generate funds for our mission of rescuing and providing better lives for elephants. NFTs represent unique digital assets, and by offering exclusive digital collectibles, we not only raise awareness about elephant welfare but also involve our community in making a positive impact. Beyond this, NFTs provide unique opportunities, including licensing through intellectual property (IP) and other exclusive perks. Each NFT purchase contributes directly to our cause, allowing us to rescue and care for elephants in need. It’s a modern approach that combines technology, art, and compassion to create a lasting change for elephants.


Unchained Elephants’ NFT collection is a multi-chain collection distributed across ICP, AVAX, and XRPL, featuring 3,333 unique NFTs on each blockchain. These NFTs are crafted with a dual purpose: to rescue and unchain captive elephants from the dire conditions of the entertainment industry and to actively promote responsible tourism in Thailand. Each NFT represents a contribution to the cause, combining innovative blockchain technology with a compassionate mission to make a positive and tangible impact on elephant welfare and their communities.

Owning an Unchained Elephant NFT is way more than just having a digital collectible. It’s like wearing a badge of honor, showcasing your commitment to supporting elephant welfare and conservation. Plus, it’s your official certificate saying, “Hey, I helped rescue these elephants!” Moreover, the unique perks of NFT ownership extend to opportunities like licensing through intellectual property (IP), providing an exclusive and multifaceted experience. So, it’s not just a cool piece of art on your digital shelf; it’s proof of the good you’re doing in the world.

YES, there is additional utility. As part of the Unchained Ecosystem, holders will be able to access discounts on the Travelers Unchained and Coffee Unchained platforms. These two projects are grantees of The Dfinity Foundation, which is currently under development. Once they are launched, you will have extra benefits and privileges by holding Unchained Elephant NFTs.

Each NFT purchase not only supports the rescue and care of elephants in need but also contributes to Unchained Elephants’ broader mission. The funds generated from NFT sales will be utilized to:

  1. Develop an elephant-friendly venue platform.
  2. Launch a kid-friendly educational program.
  3. Rescue an elephant.
  4. Set the stage for an Elephant Welfare Education Centre.

Your support through NFT purchases plays a crucial role in creating a positive and lasting impact on the lives of these majestic beings.

Unchained Elephants NFT combines art and technology to create unique digital collectibles. By leveraging blockchain technology, we aim to disrupt the social impact industry, providing supporters with a tangible way to make a difference. The collection is spread across different blockchains, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience and maximizing the positive impact on elephant welfare.

You can get hold of Unchained Elephants NFTs through our participating NFT marketplaces on the following blockchains:

ICP – https://yuku.app/launchpad/b2vyk-7qaaa-aaaah-adyka-cai

XRP – https://xrp.cafe/collection/unchained-elephants-nfts

AVAX – Coming Soon

Yes, there is a total limited supply of 9,999 Unchained Elephants NFTs, with 3,333 available on each blockchain (ICP, XRP, AVAX), each with unique combinations that can’t and won’t be found in the collection from the sister chain, making them exclusive digital collectibles.

Mint your Unchained Elephants NFTs exclusively on the ICP Marketplace: https://yuku.app/launchpad/b2vyk-7qaaa-aaaah-adyka-cai. 🚀🐘

Secure your Unchained Elephants NFTs straight from the XRP Marketplace at xrp.cafe/collection/unchained-elephants-nfts, or explore other vibrant XRP marketplaces.

We’re gearing up for an epic launch on AVAX (Avalanche)! Stay tuned for the launch of Unchained Elephants AVAX collection. 🚀

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